Data Mining

simplectix develops both, Big Data solutions for the integration, processing and visualization of big, unstructured and heterogeneous data, and also Big Data Mining solutions which immediately grant insight into significant patterns and coherencies of your data sets.  Thus your data turns into meaningful information for your business. Information that helps you understand your market and your customers better.

Explore your data from different angles and discover new prospects!

Data Mining plays an important role when it comes to taking the decisions for your business more efficiently, more effectively and in time. It allows you to plan and implement the right measures early enough, so that identified opportunities can be taken more effectively and pointed out risks can be fended off.

Fields of application

Data Mining is used for  Time Series Analysis,  which is used for predictions and forecastings. Find out more on our Predictive Analytics page.

Furthermore, Data Mining is used to define the meaning of texts, also called Text-Mining. By using Text-Mining, crucial information of texts can be filtered and processed very quickly.

Text-Mining is also called into action for Web-Content-Mining. The significance of the World Wide Web is continually increasing for companies, especially Social Networks which allow a dialogue with customers and potential customers. The Mining of Web-Content can be considered as a very usful thing when running social media pages for a company.

Even negative or positive attitudes of users, for e.g. comments on social media platforms, forums, blogs or product ratings, can be detected by means of Sentiment Analysis which uses methods of statistics, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.

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