Predictive Analytics

Our Predictive Analytics solutions unite Data Mining with the scientific models of Machine Learning. This allows our software to make authoritative forecasts concerning (for e.g.)  behaviour of customers or potential customers or company performance in the near future.

In this way you are able to recognize changes in market- and customer behaviour early enough to make proactive decisions. By using Predictive Analytics, resources can be planned and allocated more efficiently, product- and business strategies can be adapted in time and risk assessments can be based upon a well-grounded data set.

Fields of application

One field of application is Customer Relationship Management. We offer analytical CRM solutions uniting Data Mining and Predictive Analytics to give you an immediate insight into your customer dynamics. Questions like the following ones can be answered as simple as at the push of a button:

     „How likely is a customer to churn? “
    „When will a customer make his next transaction? “
    „What is the next best offer for a certain customer? “
    „Who are my profitable and who my unprofitable customers? “

In this way, CRM actions can be controlled individually and thus more efficiently. Furthermore the budget dedicated to CRM can be allocated in an optimal way.
By planning target-group tailored retention- and acquisition measures, wastage can be avoided. Customers cannot only be segmented by common parameters but also by their Customer Lifetime Value that can be calculated with the aid of predictive analytics. Also retention- and cross-selling-actions (Recommender Systems) can be specifically defined for each customer.

Take the first step into your data-driven future!


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